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“In this sad time…I am with you in thought, in prayer…and in love.”

“When you are lonely, troubled, or afraid, think of me…and know I am thinking of you.”

“I know how you are feeling, and I sympathize. But life has a way of balancing the sorrow with joy,

the disappointment with hope, the emptiness with meaning. You will look back on this as a time of learning, growing, and discovering your own strength. While your pain is so great, I will be your friend. When the sunshine has come back

into your life,  I’ll still be your friend. — I really do care.”

“My heart weeps from your sorrow; my spirit awakens to your joy. I want things to go well for you, and I will do everything possible to help you reach your goals. I care about you…I always will.”

“I hope it helps…just to know I care.”

“I wish for you…the strength to see the sun through the shadows, to find the calm in a storm; to gain something positive from every experience…the vision to dream the life you want…and the courage to live the life you dream.”   

“Think of Me…when your goals seem more distant than ever, for I am always behind you —

cherishing your dreams as my own, appreciating your struggle to win…and sharing your pain if you lose.

My love is constant through your successes and surrenders, for it is based on who you are, and not on how much

or how little you achieve. Think of me…when you feel alone, and remember that although we must sometimes

be apart, we are always close in spirit. Our lives have become so intertwined that it is impossible for me to live mine without also living a part of yours. We share a bond of understanding that the miles between us can’t weaken —

and a loving closeness the years ahead won’t change. Think of me…when things go well for you, for while

I’m here to help you through the rough times, just as important — I want to celebrate your good times, for nothing pleases me more than to see your wishes come true. It always brightens my day to know yours is going well.

Think of me…And know I am thinking of you.”

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