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“When Even the Smallest Success Seems So Far Away…You’re discouraged, and I hurt for you...and I wish it were

in my power to make everything better for you. It may help to remember that life’s lessons aren’t always easy —

but sometimes the greatest losses enrich us the most...that through the hard times, we gain compassion for another’s pain— and strength, in facing our own…we discover what matters most — in rethinking our priorities, we clear our mind and our life of the things that aren’t important, and we value more the things that are...we grow in confidence

that the sun will keep rising — and that we can keep going...In facing our worst fears, we learn that things aren’t as bad as we thought and that we are much stronger than we knew. I believe you will emerge from this painful time with

a renewed appreciation for life — with your eyes more open to its beauty, your heart more sensitive to its joy…

and with a new regard for yourself — because you did it! You survived! And that, dear friend, is no small success.”

“It Takes Courage to Reach out for a Dream…And it takes even more courage to get up when we’ve fallen, to admit

our mistakes, acknowledge our setback, and summon the strength to try again — and to keep trying until we succeed. Dear friend, I can relate to your disappointment — and hope my compassion and support will in some way

help you to feel better. This is a time to be gentle with yourself — to seek the support or the solitude you need to best heal…to put things in perspective — to be thankful for what you have, and proud of who you are…to recognize that a positive attitude can make the roughest road smoother — that you can choose to believe that good outweighs bad,

and love outlasts anger; that each new day is a chance to make a fresh start — and even the cloudiest day is a gift

in itself…to know that miracles happen when you draw upon the power of your mind, the hope in your heart…

and the strength of your soul.”

“Believe in Tomorrow — And in Yourself, To Make it Better…Sometimes it’s hard to understand how things

can turn out so wrong — when your hopes were so high, and your intentions so good…But life has a way

of balancing the sorrow with joy, the disappointment with hope, the emptiness with meaning…

You will look back on the most painful experience as a time of healing, growing, and discovering your own strength…and as a challenge — to forgive the past and trust the future; to feel the pain, and move beyond it…

to believe in life — its unceasing rhythm, force and flow…in the hope of each tomorrow, and the gift of every day…

and as a challenge to believe in yourself — in your power to create your own best future…

to attract the things you need, the people you love…and all the joy you deserve.”