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"Take time to hear God's voice, to see His work...to feel His love."

“Each day brings a chance to enjoy the simplest of God’s pleasures…and to experience

the greatest of His miracles.”

“May God Bless You Always…with the freedom to say what’s on your mind, and to show

what’s in your heart…the security to enjoy your success, and to admit your mistakes…

the knowledge that He will guide your every step, ease your every hurt, and hear your every prayer…

the strength to see the sun through the shadows, to find the calm in a storm; to gain something positive

from every experience…the vision to dream the life you want…and the courage to live the life you dream.”

"Spend each moment at home with the world, at peace with yourself...and at one with God."

“Lord, Let Me Strive…to be genuinely glad for those who win, and patient with those who struggle…

to appreciate the differences among people, appreciating their smallest gifts,

and forgiving their greatest faults…to treat everyone as equal…and to see everyone as special.”

“A Promise: There is no problem so big He can’t solve it, no hurt so deep He can’t heal it,

no sin so great He won’t forgive it, no prayer so silent He can’t hear it, no soul so lost…He can’t save it.”

“The gifts of true friendship are among the most important we can ever give…and are the most precious

we can ever receive. So often a kind word, a show of support, or a caring gesture are all that are needed…

to make all the difference. From hand or from heart, these are the gifts that enrich us forever: wrapped in kindness, shared with love…and inspired by God.”

"Sometimes We Need To…step back in order to move forward…experience pain to realize joy…

forgive to forget…be silent to be heard…face our fears to find our courage…release to receive…

bring happiness to others…to discover it for ourselves.”

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