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“May your faith be the source of your deepest strength…and the key to your greatest success.”

“Only God knows the reason for loss…Only He can heal our hearts of its sorrow.”

“God will provide the wisdom and courage you need to make the right choices, and to act on them —

And though He won’t travel your path for you, He will walk beside you…every step of the way.”

“This day is yours…to live in harmony with nature, in peace with others, and in touch with God…

to look around with reverence, to look inside with honesty…to speak and act with passion;

to listen, and respond with love…to summon your courage, live your faith, and find your joy…

to make the choices that strengthen your character; to follow the dreams that inspire your soul…

to make every moment special -- to give the most you’ve ever given…to be the best you have ever been.”

“Lord, May I Always Try…to pursue my highest good, and to inspire others to reach theirs…

to make time in my life, and room in my heart for many different passions and causes,

to live what I believe, and to teach what I live…to be gentle with others, and with myself —

to care deeply about the world, and my contribution to it — to be a good example, to be a good citizen…

to be a good friend."

“With faith, you can move a mountain, reach a star, and survive the longest night —

knowing without a doubt, that tomorrow will be better."

“Open yourself to the divinity within you…Affirm its goodness, Feel its joy; Trust its wisdom…Live its love.”

“In a baby’s laugh, we can hear God’s voice. In a baby’s smile, we can see God’s beauty.

In a baby’s touch, we can feel God’s love.”

“Whenever I thank God for His blessings, I always think of friendship…

And whenever I think of friendship…I always thank God for you.”

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