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“A Mother's Love…is accepting, supportive, tender, respectful, forgiving. A mother's love…is forever.”

“The Nicest Things Come in Small Packages — A baby is a special gift wrapped in joy, filled with goodness,

and sent with love…a gift that will only grow more precious with each passing day.”

“A parent protects without smothering, directs without controlling, encourages without pressuring,

explains without preaching, cherishes without possessing, gives without expecting…

And receives so much more in return.”

”Babies can open our eyes to a new world of beauty, our minds to a new world of promise,

and our hearts — to a new world of love.”

“Babies grow up much too quickly — To raise a child is to be part of a miracle…And no matter how many times

you may hold a small hand in yours, or tie a tiny shoe, or hear a young voice in prayer,

or tell “just one more” story — It will never be enough.”  

“For the New Mom: It’s Just One Day, the Day Your Baby is Born…when you can first actually see her delicate features, and hold in your arms a gift truly from God…Such a sweet little spirit who knows no unkindness

and is incapable of deceit; who can evoke gentleness from the strongest of us, and can bring out playfulness

in the most reserved. This precious little package — so tiny, so compact — yet already a complete human being

with consciousness, feelings, and a personality all her own…In one sense, she’s someone you’ve only just met —

yet in many more ways, she’s someone you have always known. This beautiful infant is a connection to your past,

the light of your today’s, and the promise of your tomorrows. The day your baby is born is just one day —

But it’s a day…that will change your life forever.”

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