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“Friendship is a place where hands are open to help, arms are open to hug…and hearts are open to love.”

“In friendship, we can find…a spirit of harmony, a sense of freedom…and a feeling of home.”

“A friend is free enough to tell us their truth — and strong enough to accept ours. They’re honest with us

even though it may hurt, for they know that telling a lie…would hurt us even more.”

“A friend is someone you can always count on…to applaud while you soar, or to comfort you when you fall…

to support your plans and to encourage your dreams…to join in your laughter or to stand by you in times

of need. A friend is someone you can always count on…to care.”

“A friend looks for the best in us — and can always find it.”

“A friend realizes when we need to be taken seriously, and when we need help in laughing at ourselves…

They know when to give us the answers — and when they can help more by letting us find them ourselves.”

“A friend respects what we say, understands how we feel; accepts what we do…and loves who we are.”

“A friend’s support makes problems seem clearer, hopes shine brighter…and joys feel deeper.”

“A friend’s belief in us can make the difference between giving up on our dreams

– and trying even harder to reach them.”

“A friend’s respect can help us to see that our opinions are worthwhile — and worth expressing.”

“The gifts of true friendship are among the most important we can ever give…and the most precious

we can ever receive.”

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