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“Choose to believe that good outweighs bad, and love outlasts anger; that each new day is a chance

to make a fresh start — And even the cloudiest day is a gift in itself.”

“Find in each day a chance to reflect, to dream, and to grow...to feel grateful, to feel free...to feel loved.”

“It’s never too late to make new choices to change…to take new chances to grow…to recover your energy,

rebuild your faith, and recapture your joy.”

“Choose to rise above your weaknesses, and push beyond your fears...to put your best into everything you give…

and make the most of everything you receive.”

“If you have the courage to dream, the willingness to try, and the faith to persist…

Nothing can keep you from your goals.”

“Believe in a larger perspective, a greater purpose…and a brighter tomorrow.”

“Disappointment calls on our faith in life — its infinite abundance, its ultimate justice — its unbroken promise

that the darkest night will see a dawn, and the coldest winter, a spring — that time always passes,

bringing with it the certainty of change…And the potential for miracles.”

“Give thanks for the curiosity that stretches you, the imagination that frees you, and the creativity that connects you

to the soul of another — and more deeply to your own.”

“Each day brings a chance to free your heart to sing, your gifts to grow, and your soul to shine...to think more broadly,

give more willingly, and live more vibrantly.”

“Make a commitment to speak your truth, live your passion...and find your purpose.”

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