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“To my Sister…Remember when we were kids? I thought the world of you then…I think the world of you now.”

“For My Teen Son... “While I can’t promise that I will always agree with you, or that I will always

understand you…please know that whatever you say, think, or feel – whatever plans, choices or mistakes

you make —  you’re my son…And I will always love you.”

“Mom…For giving so freely of your kindness, your compassion, and of your self…I thank you with all my love…

I love you with all my heart.”

“Mother…Thank you for giving my life its beginning — And so much of its meaning.”

“You were my first friend…And you will always be…my best friend. I love you, Mom.”

“To Mom, with Love…Thank you for my life…And for all you have done to make it so beautiful.”

“Mom, I Haven’t Forgotten…Mom, you’re a part of so many of my favorite childhood memories…the happy days made even more fun by the gifts of your joy and laughter…or the times I ran to you for comfort when I felt saddened or unsure. You always knew what to say to make things in my world seem right again —

and I loved you deeply for it. Though the years have passed, I haven’t forgotten how it felt to need your comfort,

to admire your wisdom, or to love you deeply...Because I still do.”

“My Father…When I was little and a disappointment threatened to crumble my world, you’d hold me on your lap

and tell me things would look brighter in the morning — and you were right. When something seemed

too difficult and I was ready to give up, you’d take me in your arms and tell me if I believed enough in myself

and kept trying, I’d find I could do it after all — and you were right. I admired you so much. I thought I could never outgrow my love for you and that, as I got older, you’d seem even more special to me — And I was right.”

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