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“Mother, I have never doubted your love…I know we haven’t always gotten along perfectly (what mother

and daughter have!) and sometimes I’ve said things that hurt you, and for those, I’m truly sorry. You certainly

had your hands full raising me — and I’m sure in some ways you’re just as glad as I am that those days are in the past.

Yet even during our stormiest years, I never once doubted your love and concern for me…And the funny thing is —

I can’t even remember what any of our disagreements were about…but the happy, loving times we’ve shared…

are something I will never forget.”

“For You, Mother…As my first friend, you introduced me to a life enriched by your love and warmth…

you shaped the way I feel about the world and my place in it today. Your confidence in me helped me to believe

in myself, and your praise and respect enabled me to appreciate my own worth. You guided without control

and encouraged without pressure. You gave your best…to bring out the best in me. You taught me to think

my own thoughts and to follow my own dreams; to be proud of my achievements and accepting of my mistakes;

to find peace in each sunset and joy in each sunrise…to love my life. You knew what to say and how to listen

to help me through the rough times, and to make the good times even more beautiful. I took it for granted

that you’d be there when I needed you — and you always were. As I grew older, I made many new friends

but of all the kindness they’ve shown me, your understanding is still the deepest, your companionship the warmest,

and your support the most generous. I thank you, Mother, for all you have been to me — my first friend…

and my best friend.”

“Mother, You’re Very Special…I can’t imagine my life without your loving presence…When I look back on my important “firsts,” I remember how you shared in my excitement. When I recall sadder occasions, I see the concern in your eyes

and the comfort in your smile. When I think of times when I was afraid to move forward…I hear your gentle words

of encouragement. You eased me through many of my growing pains with your humor and patience.

You helped me to get in touch with who I was…and encouraged me to be better. You believed in my dreams,

and gave me the confidence to follow them. You taught me to find hope in disappointment and success in failure…

to show kindness to others, and just as important — to be kind to myself. You always had time for me, whether to advise

or simply to listen…Your understanding made my problems seem lighter, my hopes stronger, and my joys deeper.

You set an example of fairness and compassion, and I hope I have incorporated at least some of your strengths

into my own life. Mother, you’re very special…and although my words don’t often tell you, I hope that somehow

my actions communicate how much I admire and respect you…and how deeply I love you.”

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