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“Wishing you joy for today, because it’s your birthday…sending you love, for always…because you are you.”

“On your birthday, I want to wish you the best of everything in your life…And thank you for all the difference

you’ve made in mine.”

“On your birthday, I’m appreciating all the things that make you special —

And wishing…for all the things that bring you joy.”

“Wishing a day of special joy…to a person of special beauty.”

“On Your Birthday, it seems only right that I should thank you for the gifts you share with me the whole year through…

the warmth of your thoughts, the sincerity of your words…and the goodness of your heart.”

“It’s Your Birthday…And it’s the perfect time to tell you how often you are remembered,  

how sincerely you are thanked…and how dearly you are loved.”

“Instead of birthday wishes, I’m sending you my thanks — for your gentle words, your warm thoughts, your kind deeds…

And most of all, your precious friendship.”

“May your birthday be filled with the things you want, the people you need…and all the joy you deserve.”

“May your birthday be like you — Rich in goodness and warmth…and so very special in its beauty.”

“May your day be brightened by the knowledge that you’re thought of with affection, your kindness

is sincerely appreciated…And you are, and always will be a very special person in my life.”

“Congratulations on another year of learning, growing, striving to become the very best you can be…

With wishes for many, many more.”

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