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“Birthdays are a time for new beginnings -- a chance to build new hopes, and to find new dreams…And as you look

to the year ahead, know that you have within you the talent, the goodness, and the power to create the life you most want to live….And to become the person you most want to be.”

“For your birthday, I wanted to give you a gift that would last forever — the biggest, most beautiful present I could find…And I wanted to wrap it in the brightest paper with the prettiest bows and the shiniest ribbons. Today, I offer you

my promise to be here for you in whatever way you need…to listen, to encourage…and to care about you deeply.

And while it doesn’t come with ribbons or bows — It is a gift…that will last forever.”

“On Your Birthday…It isn’t easy to find someone who truly wants the best for us, and gives the best of themselves

to help us find it…Someone who shares our tears as completely as our joys, celebrating our brightest days,

and standing by us through our darkest nights…Someone who takes genuine interest in our thoughts and ideas,

and is always ready to give us the time we need, and to appreciate the time we give…Someone who respects

what we say, understands how we feel; accepts what we do…and loves who we are. You, my friend, have been

that someone to meAnd on your birthday I want to wish you the best of everything in your life — and to thank you

for all the difference you’ve made in mine.”

“Congratulations on Your Birthday — This day is special to you, because it marks another year of growing in confidence and ability — It’s been a year of exploring new directions, expanding your tastes and talents…

You have struggled — and from the difficult times you have grown stronger, and more open to life —

more aware of its beauty…more sensitive to its joy. You have given freely and cared deeply — And you’ve experienced the power of making your own dreams come true. It’s been a year of challenge and choice — a year of building, sharing, and growing in all the qualities that make the unique, magical person that is you.

This day is special to you, and because of all the wonderful things you are...

This day is special to me.”

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