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About the Author


“...We find your poetry very unique and beautiful.”

Debbie G., Sr. Creative Director, Enesco

“…demonstrates a crisp, clean style that never

overstates its case.”  Steven J., Conventional Copy Supervisor, American Greetings

“We have always been impressed with the quality of your poetry...your poems are poignant and soulful. They have a genuine directness which can be easily related to by card buyers and receivers.” Janice K., Art Director, Renaissance Greeting Cards

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“It is such a pleasure to receive such a plethora of verse from a truly professional writer.”  Barbara E., Kristin Elliott, Inc.

writing is very unique; lovely and elegant in its honesty.”

Gregg W., The Green Tiger Press Inc.

What a pleasure it was to read through your verses; their sensitivity and application to contemporary relationships is beautifully expressed.” Roy H., President, Manifestations, Inc.

Great, real straight-from-the-heart stuff on the common human experiences with a sensitive quality of romance and reality which is moving and captivating.” Casey W., Owner, Marriage Encounter

“…smart, sensible and sweet.” Betsy H., Editor, Simon & Schuster

  “…your writing is exquisite; texts are genuine, sincere, and   sophisticated.” Lisa E., Creative Coordinator, Abbey Press

“…Your work is the best we have seen that is sincere,

sensitive, but not sentimental.” Audrey C., Art Director,

  Recycled Paper Products, Inc.

Paula Finn’s work has been enjoyed for decades on top-selling cards and gift products…and has been reposted on

over two million websites. Now for the first time, she’s combined her words with stunning photography to create one-of-a-kind posters, totes, cards, mugs…and more.

A writer for Blue Mountain Arts, Paula has authored 10 books including a series published by C. R. Gibson. Her work was featured on ABC TV’s 20:20 news program, and is internationally recognized on such products as cards, posters, mugs, and high-end wall décor.


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   • Blue Mountain Arts – contract writer for 3 years;

   her poetry currently appears worldwide on greeting    cards and in anthologies 

   • C.R. Gibson – authored five gift books:

For Your Birthday, Now & Always; and a series on themes of friendship, love and motherhood

Mark Publishing – authored two books on love and making relationships work

Argus Communications – posters

Freedom Greetings – wrote cards for an existing line; also created the separate Christian line “Paula Finn Inspirational Thoughts”

Marcel Schurman – greeting cards

Papel Freelance – created a new series of mugs and magnets

Sangray Corp. – ceramic giftware

Abbey Press – framed prints and plaques

Roserich Designs – greeting card series

Manifestations Intl. created a new Christmas card series

Isidore, Ltd. framed inspirational wall decor

Quality Artworks – bookmarks

Colors by Design greeting cards

Cook Communications Ministries/Best to You – Christian wall decor

Lang Card Co. – greeting cards

Imagine Design – inspirational wall plaques

Affirmations Publishing House – Little Affirmations "Today"

Insight Pack: “The Power is Yours”

Gift books: Believe in Yourself, Make This Your Day

Posterservice, Inc. –  posters

Primitives by Kathy – box signs

•  Bristol Park Books –  With You as My Friend…

Additional publishers include Marriage Encounter magazine, The Calligraphy Collection, and Leanin’ Tree. Paula has also sold a "how-to" article to Writer's Digest magazine about writing for cards and gifts titled "Poems for Profit."

Paula graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology.

A Los Angeles native and original “Valley Girl,” she spent much of the summer of ‘65 trekking up to Sonny and Cher’s house (they invited her in to watch TV). Her poetic talents surfaced early: at the age of 15 she was a finalist in a Los Angeles radio station lyric-writing contest.

As the daughter of a TV comedy writer (her father wrote for such shows as The Honeymooners, The Flintstones and Gilligan’s Island), she enjoyed the rare privilege of attending closed-set filmings of her favorite childhood shows. She’s a former college English instructor whose background includes magazine reporting and TV documentary research/writing.

She is currently writing a book on TV comedy history for which she’s had the pleasure of interviewing such legends as Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, and James L. Brooks. She lives in Studio City, CA where she is a favorite “auntie” to several of her friends’ dogs.